Today the international community is a highly competitive society, enterprises can win in the competition, first of all depends enterprise's comprehensive strength. The talent is the most valuable asset, competitive enterprise comprehensive strength in the final analysis is the talent competition. Who have a first-class talent, who will remain invincible in the competition. And to have talent, talent must first form a good atmosphere within the enterprise. Kim Soo group of "people-oriented" strategic guidelines designed rich "Kim Soo" corporate cultural characteristics of human resources management concept, designed to identify talent, attract talent, shaping talent, developing talent to build a broad stage for total growth of enterprise and talent nurturing a spiritual home.
     Talent strategy guiding ideology and basic concepts Kim Soo warehouse operation is mainly reflected in the following points:
     1 Chang Yang people-oriented corporate culture
     2 extensively absorb all kinds of talents
     3 open three talents channels
     4 form a three-level human resources
     5 adhere to the principles of the four employment
     6. create a fair competitive environment
     7 designed for employees challenging career

8 to keep the company some staff mobility
     9 to achieve spiritual incentive to employees through diversity and richness of the work
     10. establish a fair and reasonable mechanism for staff promotion


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