Enterprise purpose:
      Unite all forces that can be united, struggle together, to build a vibrant, contributing to society, efficiency excellence, create a shared modern enterprise family.
       Based on reality, ushering in the future.
Management principles:
       Clear objectives, strict implementation, process control, self-motivated.
Employees concept:
        Innovative and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising, honest, Fenggong.
Staff Code:
        Strengthen team spirit, carry forward the spirit of struggle;
        Maintenance of collective interests, pay attention to professional ethics;
        Adherence to company rules and regulations, subject to the higher command;
        Complete the tasks, improve their professional skills;
        Rigorously enforce thrift, eliminate corruption and waste.

COMPANY ADDRESS : FL.26,Hanggang Fuchun Business Bldg.,Shennan Avenue Shenzhen China TEL : +86 755 82938999

Web site for the record :Guangdong ICP Preparation 14012185No.