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    Address: Room 2618 Shennan Avenue, 26th Floor, Hanggang Fuchun Business Building, Futian District
    Postal Code: 518040
    TEL:+86 755 82938999
    FAX:+86 755 88299161
    Business Email:jie.wang@jinxiusz.com;alex.zhu@jinxiusz.com
    Import Department Mailbox:op6@jinxiusz.com;op2@jinxiusz.com
    Export Department Mailbox:jinxiuex5@jinxiusz.com;cherub.cy@jinxiusz.com
    E-mail Customer Service Department:kefu@jinxiusz.com
    Finance Department Mailbox:acct@jinxiusz.com
    Administration Department Mailbox:admin@jinxiusz.com
    For a long time the Division website daily traffic of thousands, while the website of the Division for each mailbox receives a thousand e-mail on a daily Bai. In this regard, the Division of community leaders, friends and colleagues of care, love and trust again express my heartfelt thanks. Meanwhile, based on the above, the Division urge this community to browse the site, pay attention to different mail when sending e-mail to receive and process the contents of the message of the Division of different websites have different functions, specifically dedicated box. Must never a letter multiple, random recklessly. In order to avoid clogging the mailbox, and reply to the letter can not be processed. Recently the Institute will further enhance the site and mail services, and sincerely hopes that the strong cooperation and support of the community. Many thanks!

COMPANY ADDRESS : FL.26,Hanggang Fuchun Business Bldg.,Shennan Avenue Shenzhen China TEL : +86 755 82938999

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